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Our management has the further strengthening of environmental awareness as one of the most important long- term objective .

The innovative green technology implementation is a high quality are the primary components . Members of the advanced technical level , aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly ECHO takarítógépeink have created a new chapter in the development of daily cleaning , as they carry water through electrical activation of the treatment effect , by 70% using less water .

Supplier and partner ‘s product range is preferred environmentally friendly materials , cleaners , tools , and find innovative solutions. We were also introduced to the world novelty , the environment and cost-effectiveness developed ionator EXP , which without the addition of chemicals , using plain tap water to clean and disinfect pathogens.

Important professionalism of our staff up to date , so we regularly organize training courses , training sessions to understand and learn the proven European eco-friendly alternatives and solutions.

The experience gained was used in the performance of daily activities .

And monitoring of compliance with environmental legislation provides accredited partner who checks used in the annual audits of the ISO 14001 environmental management systems and the fulfillment of the environmental objectives undertaken by us .