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Everything you need to know about the art of cleaning and green areas

Bureau of Competition of the Year awards gala is a major supporter of the MasterClean Ltd Managing Director , Balazs Nagy talked about the present situation of building management , changes in the last few years , thinking of the environment , the quality of green areas and cleaning of professionalism .

The MasterClean Ltd. since this is the building management market?

Our company works 10 years on the market , in the last five years, we have achieved significant results , we are developing about 720 thousand m2 area on a daily basis , which includes all services the cleaning, the green space care to a lesser extent in the asset protection and maintenance work . Are shopping centers, industrial areas , business centers , offices and commercial shops and movie studios among our partners.

Why are supported by Office of the Year competition awards ceremony ?

I felt it was important to support Office of the Year competition awards gala because we believe it is essential to ensure effective and quality services to various forms of service hierarchy , knowledge of each other’s competence boundaries and respect , and the development of interfaces to the needs most correct answers to the most appropriate place and manner are taken at . Such a forum in which the real estate professionals involved in the domestic market leader , allows the creation of interprofessional collaboration. since the events of the commercial real estate market is a kind of showcase , has initiated a number of new working relationships .

The assets of more advanced cleaning . Today has been a proliferation of environmental instruments. How will it work in practice ?

The environment is not just a slogan in our company , we have also seen in the training of workers . We are working on cleaning products that have less impact on the environment and our fleet was replaced two years ago with the same efficiency as assets of which has ech ² O technology. Machines are environmentally friendly ech ² O technology that does the cleaning effect of water through the electrical activation . The oxygen bubbles are of great importance for the cleaning process : facilitate the acidic or basic derivatives, water separation and removal of contaminants from a substrate . The oxygen- enriched water passes through a membrane and acquires electric charge . The acidic or basic water derivatives active on the cleaned surface, the dirt is dissolved in 45 seconds and the oxygen bubbles are transported to the surface. The water in the water tank may result in total loss of electrical charge – the end product of sewage wastewater treatment , which can be handled safely . The ECH O ² is a new chapter daily cleaning, as by 70% using less water , cleans , and a more secure without chemical addition , since the drier surface is less risk of slipping .

Repeatedly suggested that it would be interesting to introduce a cleaning day instead of night shifts in order to further reduce energy costs. Do you think this is a realistic alternative?

Shopping Centres and larger installations such requests are met . But it can hardly be solved on large surfaces , as when, for example . To clean off in one night with an 8 -hour shift demand equally 40-50 thousand square feet , this morning in about 4 hours to make all gépberuházással much more . The less time available, in addition to requiring more labor headcount , which will result in more corporate awards. The higher fees are the principals in the current economic climate will not accept . A full cleaning power cost reduction is not proportional to the additional labor and technical Expenditure on investment so that all areas can be examined individually .

In the market , competition is increasing . This is how you live it ?

The intense competition requires providers to go beyond the maximum level of service delivery. My company operates in a team approach .
We find that networks are created in the market, companies are focusing on their strengths , which will involve weaker , there a reliable partner to companies in performance . Obviously there is a line where you have conflicts arise , they can manage strategic agreements, and obviously there are situations where we are competing with each other, and ” May the better ” principle applies . The competition is very fierce , the principals are constantly trying to push down the prices , and unfortunately, many people do not check back to see exactly what is behind the price -quality package of services and associated costs are . Way it is possible that some companies take over the job in cost levels , and we must be able to prevail in this market.

Evolution of the offices at the same time appears increasingly demanding indoor and outdoor plants.

Reduce the impact of buildings on the environment in many ways of doing and designing of buildings and during operation , the green building certification by obtaining certification will allow the building of environmental awareness . In my experience, the new office and the houses being built are very conscious aspect of the Environment and the appropriate design of a green area . This is obviously one hand control , on the other hand, an aesthetic question, how can differentiate your firm from the competition hall . The developers have taken seriously the competition and intend to provide real quality for their clients.

In the field of indoor plants in our fashion lately?

Beyond that, the plants increase the physical and mental comfort and reduce our stress, improve indoor air quality . Today, the demand has shifted towards the hydro plants, which are more cost effective method in the long run , since it relieves the owner from having to care for their own in the plants regularly . There are also designs when we let the plants is beneficial as the exchange point of view, as if the plant is damaged , replace it and not have to buy a new one .

The outdoor vegetation typical of what ?

The parks fortunately came to the forefront of design aesthetics , the owners devote large amounts of landscaping and office buildings are now part of the design process of the future climate. This is important because the old office buildings of traditional outdoor plants installed subsequent placement is much more expensive than if you’re already in the design phase calculation on the green environment. Demanding a park and a very good impression, give to those who would like to rent the office building .

You parks construction and maintenance is dealt with . What factors are taken into account when implementing such a complex job ?

Each district has its own regulatory plan which provides for the possibility of outdoor green space a reality. Fortunately, a growing demand for the development of green space , on the one hand increases the quality of the urban fabric , on the other hand, a livable environment plus the pulse , there is an incentive or even just recreational space for employees. It is important that the plants health, harmony flood through , so just placed really demanding environment to match the plants. As I mentioned , you may want to plan in advance the location of the plants that do not interfere with the functional transport, not to disturb the view , and the falling leaves removal and composting can effectively take place.

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